A Quick and Easy Movie Guide, now playing in our Local Movie Theaters, It’s a Funopoly, in the most Vibrant Fun Beach Area in the country. It’s the Rehoboth Beach Area...Sussex County DE.

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July 20, 2017

A Free quick and easy Movie Guide for the best fun area in the country :

Box Office Movies Playing now, today, in our Rehoboth Beach Area Theaters.

A fast and easy way to make a movie choice!

Rent-A-Mobile-Movie-Theater, created a quick one page Movie review guide, with national audience review scores, of all current movies, now playing in Rehoboth Beach and Lewes DE. Theaters...

What makes this New Movie Resource different, it is no longer necessary to go back and forth on many pages to make a movie selection. Everything is on one page, as a result, you can make a lightning fast and easy movie choice

You gotta see it  . It's pretty cool, you will love it...

Rent-A-Mobile-Movie-Theater, also has a exciting new service for our area.  When many of the Movies that are playing today leave the theater,they will be available for our Outdoor Mobile Movie Theater. We will be able to show them at your location on your property, this is a real fun service for our community.  Call Nicky...302-313-9496

Take a look at our area’s new Local Movie Guide, we think you will enjoy it’s way of delivering Local Movie Information at a single glance,.          

Share this Movie Guide with your friends, spread the word about this fun service.  Like Rent-A-Mobile-Movie-Theater on and get all new in theater Movie updates as soon as they develop.