Why Local Sponsorship Is Great For Your Small Business

May 2, 2017

Every business no matter how big or small needs revenue. While many local businesses rely on word of mouth and demand of their product as their main sources of sales, there are other ways to raise brand awareness and grow your business. One of the most effective methods available today is marketing through local sponsorship opportunities in your area. 


When small business owners hear the word sponsorship, they often only consider it as big business territory. FALSE!


You don't need a big budget to make a big sponsorship splash. There are so many affordable sponsorship opportunities for small businesses to take advantage of, you just need to know where to look!



As a small business owner, you know that ROI (Return On Investment) is the most important financial metric for your business. It can make the difference between failure and success. When it comes to spending your hard earn cash on marketing you might ask yourself: 

“Is this worth the investment?”

“Will this opportunity grow my business?”

Sponsorship can generate substantial publicity for your business for a small investment. By utilizing local sponsorship, you are combining the strength, funds, and audience of two organizations to develop and build your brand awareness rather than taking on the task alone. 



When looking to find sponsorship opportunities, you need to consider who your target audience is. That may not necessarily be who you already sell to, but it could be who you want to start selling to, or who you want to start engaging with.

Next, you need to consider what you want to achieve. For example: If you want to build brand awareness, you should look for opportunities that will display your logo and link to your website and social media accounts. 



Your competitors' products and/or services may be similar to yours, but if your business shows a commitment to the community, you can bet potential customers will take that into consideration. Whether customers consciously make purchasing decisions based on community involvement or not, people generally gravitate towards companies that are locally involved. Utilizing sponsorships gives your business the opportunity to get your name out to the public on a higher level of marketing. This means more people hearing your name over your competitors, giving you the advantage. 


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