Kent-Sussex Industries recognizes 62 for March perfect attendance

May 19, 2017

Kent-Sussex Industries Inc. presented 62 certificates to employees with perfect attendance in March. Alphabetically recognized are: Dale Adams, Gary Allen, James Ater, Mary Beth Auten, Angelia Barnes, Amber Barr, Megan Behornar, Donna Berghorn, Ashleigh Berry, Matthew Biscoe, Fentress Blake, Andre Brown, Richard Bryan, Darryl Bullock, Robert Bullock, Arthur Bunting, Lisa Bush, Renee Castro, Craig Chandler, Patrick Clendaniel, Richie Cote, Arnold Coverdale, Brian Cummings, Susie Dorow, Derek Eliason, Mike Elliott, Mark Hanzer, Shannon Harris, Janet Hawkins, John Henning, Amanda Jennings, Eric Johnson, James Johnson, Todd Johnson, Tremaine Johnson, Julio Jordan, Anthony Katcher, Chris Kerr, Charise Little, William Lofland, Willie Lopez, Dale Mast, Jerome Matthews, Angilica May, Bonnie Miller, Dennis Moore, Kenneth Robinson, Catherine Schaeffer, Julia Secrest, Robert Seward, Thomas Shaffer, Michael Skeens, Chris Smith, James Snead, Chris Socorso, Jay Sterndale, Karen Sullivan, Kim Sullivan, James Thompson, Nikia Welch, Cleveland Whidbee and James Wright.

KSI is a private, not-for-profit agency providing vocational training, employment, supported employment and day habilitation services to individuals with disabilities in Kent and Sussex counties. For more information, call 302-422-4014, Ext. 3015, or go to