Rehoboth man arrested for trespassing, resisting arrest

June 17, 2017

Rehoboth Beach police have arrested a Rehoboth man for resisting arrest after he was stopped for trespassing in Grove Park and found to have active warrants.

Police said Naim Guy, 34, was sitting in a pavilion inside the park after dark. When a bicycle officer stopped Guy and performed a wanted person’s check, he was found to have an active warrant for his arrest for not paying fines assessed by the Delaware Court of Common Pleas. Besides being in the park after dark, Guy also had an open container of alcohol, both violations of city ordinances. 

Police say when they tried to take Guy into custody, he refused and began to walk away. Officers were forced to restrain Guy against a nearby picnic table and force him into handcuffs, police officials said.

Guy was charged with resisting arrest and third-degree trespassing, both misdemeanors, incarcerated at Sussex Correctional Institution in Georgetown on $284 cash bail.