Coffee Amy, snow geese, wetlands slashing, other stuff

Coffee Amy shows off one of the empty bags that once held the coffee beans she custom roasts for Dogfish Head's Chicory Stout. BY DENNIS FORNEY
October 25, 2011

In Costa Rica a while back, I ran across a Lewes guy named Billy Brockway who had moved down to make his fortune south of the border.  In the Quepos area where Billy lived, everyone knew him as Billy Beach, because he rented out chairs and umbrellas and other stuff on the beach. It was easier for teh locals to remember Billy Beach than Billy Brockway.

As I get older, it's getting harder and harder to remember names. Probably better to start referring to people according to what they do.  And so, Amy Coffee. Amy's the owner and roaster at Notting Hill Coffee Roastery in Lewes. Last week Amy told me that she has been roasting coffee beans for Dogfish Head's Chicory Stout since Sam and his crew first invented the brew several years ago. "We roast up about 1,900 pounds of coffee beans for them each year. Every one of those beans is free trade, organic and Audubon-certified bird-friendly Mexican coffee."

So now you know something else about Coffee Amy.  (Of course I know her last name is Felker, but I just like the ring of Coffee Amy.)

I'm a real local, provincial kind of guy. All my entertainment is local, I only read the Cape Gazette - well almost only - I don't watch television network news and when 9 o'clock rolls around each night it's time - in the words of John Steinbeck - to consult the committee of sleep. (I usually read a little.  Right now I'm halfway through Conrad's Lord Jim.  Last read it when I was 14. That's 47 years ago.  Pretty amazing stuff.)

At any rate, in the course of the week I take pictures and write notes for blogs.  It just takes a while to get around to them.  Here's the latest batch.