UPDATE on Local BLIND Masseur's Weight Loss. See his results here

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January 18, 2012


I met Tommy Gibson, a Certified Massage Technician specializing in Cranial Sacral Therapy and Trigger Point Therapy, for the first time at Sea Coast Salon. He was highly recommended by one of my friends, who is also a Personal Trainer.

While he worked on my body, we got into many discussions about body building and supplements.  Of course I had to share with him the fantastic products that Yoli The Better Body Company has to offer.  Tommy was skeptical at first and has used many products in the past, especially protein shakes.  He just could not believe that protein shakes could taste good.  He was very interested in learning more about all the Yoli products, especially the Sport Drink called Fun, the Protein Shakes called Yoli Essential Shakes and Alkalete to help his muscles recover for when he starts back at his local gym.

My first massage with Tommy was fabulous and was 1 hour 1/2 (min. time) for an EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE PRICE.  A couple days later I dropped samples of the Yoli drinks to Tommy at the Sea Coast Salon, where I found out that Tommy had ended up in the hospital for 6 days with severe diverticulitis.  He was put on IV fluids and was not allowed to eat or drink for 5 days.  As he got better and started back on solid foods, he found many of the "allowed" foods he could eat were giving him a hard time.  After he was feeling better, I went to him for another massage and told me he needed to try the Yoli Transformation System.  He had wanted to lose 25 pounds that he had gained over the last 6 years.

The Transformation System allows you to eat lean protein that you provide and good healthy carbs along with drinking the Yoli Whey Shakes and taking the Alkalete that helps rid the acidic waste from our bodies.  Tommy is VERY ACIDIC and needed to be able to continue to eat while he was having these horrible diverticulitis attacks.  Tommy told me that it would be a miracle if his body could tolerate the protein and the other supplements in the kit.

I took all of Tommy's measurements and weight and after the first week he had lost 7.6 lbs and an inch off of his waist and both thighs and a 1/2 inch off of his arms.  He could not believe his results.  He had so much MORE energy after his first week on the Transformation Kit and he FELT much better.

Week two he lost 2 more lbs. and an additional inch from each thigh and remained the same on the other measurements.  Week three he lost 3.4 lbs and week 4 lost an additional 3.6lbs totaling 16 lbs. and about 5 inches total body!  Tommy is only 9 lbs. shy from his original goal weight!  The miracle in deed happened for Tommy!

Tommy found the Yoli Transformation System super easy to follow and being blind gives him a bigger disadvantage then everyone out there who needs or wants to lose unwanted pounds.  His weight loss was WITHOUT EXERCISING!  He is going to get back into the gym once he has trained his guide dog named Opus, a yellow lab, the gym layout here in town.

Tommy has been by far the BEST Masseur I have ever been to in my life.  Unlike many massage practitioners who rely on their sigh, Tommy totally focuses on the information his hands tell him about the state of YOUR muscles.  He has the ability to zoom in on the problem spots without being told about them in advance and finding problem spots people did not even realize they had.

I Love to help people feel better and get their health back in check!  This is my passion and that is why I Love Yoli The Better Body System!  Yoli has helped so many people find the Optimal Health they are longing to achieve!

Tommy Gibson not only works part-time at Sea Coast Salon, he also has a private business he calls Sixth Sense Bodywork and that name sums it up!

If you are interested in his AMAZING SERVICES, Tommy Gibson can be reached at 302-703-7823 and at the Sea Coast Salon at 302-703-2506.

If you are interested in the Yoli The Better Body Company Transformation System or any of the fantastic products, you can call me at 302-233-2076, Kyle Shaffer or email me at In Order to receive any of the Yoli products at the WHOLESALE PRICE, YOU NEED to use my ID NUMBER 1004349. Because of Tommy's fantastic results from the Transformation System, he has since become a Member of Yoli.  He too believes in their products and knows they can HELP EVERYONE lose weight, rid acidic waste and lactic acid from our bodies, and give you much more energy throughout your day!

If Tommy Gibson, a Blind Masseur can lose 20 lbs. in 5 weeks, so can you!