Heels and wheels

March 22, 2012


“We are the goon squad, and we’re coming to town.” –David Bowie


When you think of roller derby, certain images might come to mind – collisions, fluorescent lights, stickered helmets and T-shirts covered in profanity.  Stilettos and runways are not typically concomitant with the sport.  In fact, modeling and derby probably have very little in common apart from crowds of onlookers and the over application of black eyeliner.

Not to mention, the women who typically involve themselves in the respective activities have some differences.  There are some tall, slim players on Southern Delaware Roller Girls, but I’m sure Zac Posen’s first picks for New York Fashion Week would not look anything like my first picks for a scrimmage.

In roller derby, there’s no pressure to be ultra thin, especially if it means starving yourself.  I want my teammates strong, well fed and ready to knock the snot out of anybody who gets in our way.

But SDRG’s Adorabully found a way to marry the worlds of fashion and derby, without subjecting her teammates to a diet of hard-boiled eggs and grapefruit.

Southern Delaware Roller Girls will hold the first Wheels and Heels Fashion Show at 6 p.m., Thursday, March 29, at Atlantic Sands Hotel in Rehoboth Beach.  The event will mark the start of the second annual Get Down in Town weekend in downtown Rehoboth Beach.

The fashion show is the brainchild of Jen Peer White, or Adorabully, as she is known on the track.  She is co-owner of Downtown Cowgirl, a women’s clothing boutique on Rehoboth Avenue that opened in 2005.

“Ever since we opened, I’ve always wanted to do a fashion show,” she said.  “I thought getting the derby girls involved would be a great twist on the traditional fashion show.”

Adorabully said she wanted derby girls to show off the merchandise, instead of hired models, so audience members could relate more personally to looks on the runway.

Members of SDRG will model clothing and accessories from local businesses while walking – and skating – down the runway.  Derby girls will model new spring looks from Downtown Cowgirl, Azura, South Moon Under, Rose Garden, Quiet Storm, Josephine's Daughter, Clad and White House Black Market.  Bad Hair Day salon is providing hair and makeup for the models.

Besides modeling, derby girls will be on hand for pictures and to answer questions about the league.  A cash bar will offer beer, wine and cocktails.

SDRG will also have merchandise for sale, including T-shirts, buttons and stickers with our new logo, designed by JoAnne “JoAnimal” Poniatowski. There will be a raffle for a prize package from Southern Delaware Roller Girls and Milford Skating Center.

Other raffles include prize packages from Dogfish Head, Summer House, Arena’s, Azura, Insight, Downtown Cowgirl and M2. Raffle tickets are $2 each or 10 tickets for $15.

A $2 donation is not required at the entrance, but it could help to ease the pain and embarrassment if someone’s wheels slip out from under them in an expensive dress.