Adventures in Drool:  Out for a crawl

April 23, 2012
Purchase cabinet locks to keep curious fingers out of areas where chemicals are stored. SOURCE IMAGES

Droolface is crawling!

Over the weekend, the little guy just figured it out and he is officially on the move. For the past month, he has been experimenting with scooting around the floor and standing. It was getting to the point we thought he would never crawl, but he finally figured it out.

Next stop - walking.

This new adventure into movement leads to today's post on baby-proofing.

In most cases, I plan ahead, and this one is no different. I have already baby-proofed much of the house with outlet covers, cord bundles, corner bumpers and the like.

The one area I am deficient in is gates. Our house is made of old-fashioned plaster, which makes it very difficult to drill into the walls. And all of the doorways include molding, which doesn't leave a flat surface to install one of those pressure-lock gates.

So after trying numerous kinds of gates months ago, I kind of gave up. I guess I thought I would figure it out later.

It's later! And, I still don't have a clue.

I think the best bet is going to be installing semi-permanent gates, which will require drilling into the walls. I just don't see any way around it.

Were you a very well-prepared baby-proofer, or did you wait until your little one was mobile?

With walking on the way, I think I better get it into gear and install several gates, especially around the stairs. Wish me luck!

Here are some tips on baby-proofing from The Bump:

• Move all dangerous items (cleaners, knives, heavy objects, medications, etc) to cupboards and drawers out of baby's reach

• Latch closed any cupboards, doors and drawers within baby's reach to avoid pinched fingers

• Move all electric cords behind furniture or under rugs

• Put televisions and other heavy items on sturdy furniture, and move as close to the wall or corner as possible

• Place food and water for pets out of baby's reach

• Never leave any amount of water in an open container or bucket

• Once baby can get up on hands and knees, remove mobiles and anything else hanging above crib

• Move crib away from anything that could be used for climbing

Do you have any other tips - send them to and I will post them in a future blog!

Enjoy your week in the kingdom of drool.

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