How can I do a Lease Purchase?

December 14, 2013

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Greenwood  Delaware
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A Lease Purchase is a great option for someone who needs approximately 1 to 3 years to be able to obtain a mortgage or save enough for a down payment while living in the home they are purchasing. Below are examples of a Lease  Purchase.

This option is also perfect for the savvy investor who is trying to build a Real Estate portfolio.

A Lease Purchase is usually when a seller is willing to lease their home to you with the expectation of you purchasing the home within a certain period of time. A Lease Purchase can be written many ways with different outcomes and requirements from both the Lessee and Lessor or Buyer or Seller.

A Lease Purchase is not Rent with an Option to Purchase or Rent to Own. A Rent to Own is usually just renting a home with the option to purchase in the future. A Rent to Own is not in the best interest of the current owner because the tenant can move out leaving the home worn and tired. In this case the owner then has to go inside the home and will have to spend money putting the home back in showing condition which also takes time.

A Lease Purchase is a good option for Sellers because usually the Seller will get a higher price for the home, not have any overhead or maintenance, collect interest / rent prior to settlement and have a large security deposit. A Lease Purchase set up in this manner is more like a purchase with a delayed settlement. This scenario is very beneficial to some buyers as well, they may need more time to improve their credit or save additional money for settlement.

We seek out sellers willing to do a Lease Purchase and or delayed settlement.

Click Here for a property that is a Lease Purchase/Owner Financing.

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