Indian River Inlet Bridge and a full moon

Full moon (minus one day) rising through the harp strings of the new Indian River Inlet Bridge. BY DENNIS FORNEY
June 4, 2012

4 June 2012

This is my father's birthday. He's gone now to heaven.  My brother-in-law Cawood called him G Robert though his name was Robert Lankford Forney.  Cawood took off too.  They both loved the Chester River.

I fished Sunday evening with Ralph Short and Butch Emmert - two Sussex County originals.  We threw live peanut spot into Indian River Inlet.  Butch and Ralph both caught keeper flatties.  I came up empty.  Butch caught the inlet trifecta: bluefish, flounder and striper.  We cut the blue into strips but the keeper fish preferred the live spot.  "That's the one bait you can use for all three," said Butch.  "They all like those live spot but they have to be just the right size."

With the full moon pulling hard, the incoming tide had the inlet boiling.  It also brought in a monster cow-nosed ray that took Butch's bait. He got the hook out of its lip with the aid of some pliers.  It had a wing span of at least five feet and every bit of 50 or 60 pounds. Impressive animal.

We headed off the water as the sun was slipping under the tree line to the west and the moon was rising over the Atlantic.

Bicycle ride

Becky and I rode 66 miles last Sunday in the Shorebirds Classic - Salisbury and points south - to raise Relay For Life money to fight cancer.  We've got a notion to ride from Oregon to Delaware next summer so we have to start getting in shape. The weather was beautiful, the course was lovely, and it proved to be a nice way to spend four and a half hours.

There was a rest stop out in the country at a bar and grill called Buck's.  Nice unpretentious place where you could start your day with a scrapple and egg sandwich and a cold, long-neck Budweiser. Shoot a game of pool too if you want, in the shadow of a good-sized Confederate flag.  They had a plaque on the wall of the men's room that caught my eye.  It's down below.

Y'all have a nice day.