June 11, 2012

A few days ago while walking in Rehoboth, I saw a man running on the beach. Normally, this would be, well, quite normal.  However, it was where the man was running that made me raise my eyebrows. Here was a man who was taking his morning jog on the sand dunes, which help protect against erosion and inland flooding from storms. The part that made me laugh was when a lifeguard eventually saw him and yelled at him to get off. The man point to himself and mouthed "Me?" I suppose the man thought it would be a great idea since no one else was on the dunes to get in the way of his jogging, but hey, we learn something new every day. This man certainly did.

I did not snap a picture of him since I figured that would not be nice, but I did remember a picture I had taken back in 2010 during one of those lively snow storms (I'm sure many of you remember). It was really quite beautiful, the after-effects of the snow, especially on the beach, That winter, Rehoboth and Lewes were reminiscent of the Abraxas painting entitled "Winter At the Beach". Still I couldn't help but notice the sad condition of the dunes, washed out and quite overtaken by the wrath of Mother Nature. Curious, I memorized roughly the positioning of the photograph and set off.

Pleasantly surprised was I to find that the photograph I took a few days ago captured a renewed beach. Never mind the line of trash cans or the infinite number of umbrellas. See the fences and beach grass protecting the even dunes, brought on by the efforts of so many volunteers who wanted to see the beach rise again. It is inevitable that storms will get the best of the beaches, but continued projects such as these will get it back. As a child, I used to love Funland and playing miniature golf the most about Rehoboth. Now I must say the best part of this crowded boardwalk is to see Mother Nature at her finest, and grassiest too.