Design Tip w/ Julie Metz of Mark Showell Interiors!

Design Tip w/ Julie Metz! BY RECE MARIE
June 3, 2013


Did you try something new with your home design that didn't quite work? It's not the end of the world!

There is an old saying, "you cannot fix a bad pot of soup"; well, for the most part it is true, however, sometimes it is best to move forward. You can dump hundreds, even thousands, of dollars into trying to make the mistakes look better.

What should you do? One of the first things to do is seek the help of a professional designer. He or She can help you to determine the right path to head towards in fixing the problem.

Designers can actually save you money in the long run.

A good designer should be able to see what is salvageable and what is not. They should Not be ready to "just make a sale."

When possible, it's fun to mix the old in with the new, updated design. Mixing treasures & memories into a design, and learning what a client really wants in their home (and how to make it all actually work together) is truly a designer that has talent.


Hope to see you soon! ~ Julie Metz


Mark Showell Interiors has items for every price point, and from contemporary to traditional design -it is fun to mix the genre's to keep things looking like you have collected them over time. Come see our retail locations to update your home with exclusive, unique items...and if you need design assistance, keep us in mind!

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