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August 4, 2012

Quotes from real customers…..THANKS!

justin thyme always had a good dinner to serve without gouging the guests

…We've been to Justin Thyme many times over the years and it just keeps getting better everytime we're there.

….The food has always been delicious and I highly recommend the baked brie

….The staff has never dissapointed and the bartenders are incredibly friendly

…. I really can't say enough good things about this place!

….We have eaten here on a regular basis for many years and are shocked at the negative reviews. We have ALWAYS had excellent food and service.

….This is one of our favorite restaurants in the Rehoboth Area

….Fresh ingredients, handled with care, served professionally in clean and spacious surroundings. What's not to like?

….We are never disappointed. The atmosphere is lovely, the service is great. and the food is always good....This is one of my favorite restaurants in Rehoboth...

….The food was very good. I had the Portugese Fisherman's Stew which was incredible!

….“great food at reasonable prices”

….The service was very good

….The drink prices are among the lowest in the Rehoboth area, as is the food for comparative servings.

….The food was good service was good.

….The ambiance is very nice and a beautiful light blue color. I don’t understand how others who posted said this place is outdated and dark.

…..I have never had a bad meal here and dined at least once a month for the past five years.

…..The seafood is fresh and there is always a good selection to choose from.

…..I can't say enough good things about this restaurant. Love it!

….the carrot cake stuffed with cheesecake was wonderful!!