Ask Dr. Gary Trupo of Cape Chiropractic.

- Private group -
June 10, 2013

What is Chiropractic?

That is a question that many people ask, especially as they consider alternatives to the medical practices of drugs and surgery. Yet, depending upon whom they ask, they will get many different answers.

In the past if you asked a medical doctor about chiropractic, the response may not have been quite positive. However, today, many medical doctors not only refer their patients for chiropractic, they also choose this safe and natural care for themselves and their families as well.

This is true because chiropractic education and research has come a long way.  We spend as much time as a medical doctor getting our degree.  We also are well versed in the sciences including anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and other studies that are relevant to the advancement of a proactive wellness model of healthcare.

If you ask a chiropractor, we might get pretty technical and say something like, “The discipline of detecting and reducing vertebral subluxation” or “A science, art and philosophy which utilizes the inherent recuperative abilities of the body and deals with the relationship between the spinal column and the nervous system and the role of this relationship in the restoration and maintenance of health.”

Yes, these are true statements, but what do they mean to the average patient? What does this mean to you? Later in this chapter, you will learn about subluxations and the musculoskeletal system, but suffice it to say, at this point, that chiropractic is helping your brain and spine talk to one another without any interruptions.

If you were to ask a patient of chiropractic the questions, you might hear something like, “Chiropractic has brought me back to a life without pain and with freedom of movement that I haven’t experienced in a number of years” or “I have noticed incredible changes in my body, mind, and spirit since starting chiropractic.”

What wonderful testimonials! And these are but a few of the things you might hear from someone that has tried chiropractic care. However, despite the glowing recommendations, it still leaves you wondering, “What exactly is chiropractic?”


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