I like track all day, but not laying down a nighttime chum slick

December 7, 2012
Tyra Weatherly owns the turns, which used to be banked back in the day – therefore, "Tyra Banks." BY DAVE FREDERICK

Tyra Banks - I know so many of Tyra Weatherly’s relatives I can’t remember all of them I don’t know. She is one awesome kid and track athlete. Last spring coming down to the showtime money meets, she was running the curve on the third leg of the 4 by 100 like she owned the other seven runners, which she did. Tyra has that high cheek bone thing going on; someone should paint her portrait, “Athlete in Action.” Down at the meet in Snow Hill, Md., Dec. 5,  Tyra picked up a pair of seconds in the 300- and 55-meter sprints, which is tough because of so many heats and turns, but the junior is quickly becoming “money in the bank.”

Track and tuna - A captain couldn’t pay me to go offshore for tuna and get exhilarated laying down a nighttime chum slick. I just don’t feel it. But I can meander about and snap photos at a track meet that lasts longer than an offshore tuna trip. I just get lost in the carnival of events and love to watch the athletes compete. Track and field is just the purest of sports. A sea of diversity with no security someone. Tell me why that works so I can speak to a teacher group of chronic discipline referral writers on proven methods of motivating and controlling potentially crazy teenagers.

Bring It! I don’t have to worry about talking smack because I don’t have to go out and physically defend it. I can just shrug and say, “I guess I was wrong.” Speaking of field hockey and all-state teams, I’ll take my Fredman Gazette all-state team: everyone on the Cape roster down through junior varsity and you get everyone else. And let's play a pair of games. Am I trading Kat Judge and Maggie Delp in the midfield for anyone else? Are you serious? Did you see them dominate in the tournament? Who owned them? Nobody! Slap shot Allie Yeager – ask Delmar about her in the second half of the regular season game. Goalie Katie Kolobielski – a state championship her first year as a starter; not her fault she backed up the state’s best team and didn’t face a barrage of shots against teams that could actually play back a little. And Anna and Sara who share five state titles together – I mean really, all they do is win. Finally, I love Delmar girls' “No Turf Just Tradition” and everybody is back, so next year might be their year – then again it may not be – turns seven starters and had the state's best JV team, and the state title will run through Cape, so come get some! That’s enough grandpa crazy talk for one column, then again, maybe it’s not?

Eastern Christian - I am a reverse snob, I admit it. I don’t like when money or power-position people make it into my world of high school sports. Remember that booster on the sidelines of Miami games some years ago? I would have tossed him at first sight. The world of high school sports is being corrupted and kids need protection from poachers. I don’t get this Red Lion Christian splinter off to Eastern Online Christian (beats going to church) School in a converted tire warehouse who are filling up the heads of aspiring athletes with unleaded nonsense. Throw over your high school buddies to pursue your pipe dreams and they are never letting you up. Just go away, good luck, hope there is wireless in heaven.

Snippets – Nearly 2,000 of those annoying marathon runners will be on the happy trails from Lewes to Rehoboth and back again Saturday morning and there are lots of inspirational stories. If you're not careful you may get to hear a few of them. Okay, I’m joking, I love runners, I’ll be out there snapping photos with one hand and the other wrapped around the foil of a Wawa hand warmer – either bagel, biscuit or croissant. Four year ago I asked a volunteer girl, “Where do you go to high school?” "Cape,” she said. “Cool, what’s your name?” “Kaci." “Kaci what?” “Coveleski.” I had never seen Kaci out of uniform before rocking her winter L.L. Bean look. The moment was weirdly funny. If I see you on the trail this weekend and I know you but act like I don’t, it's because you are out of uniform. Go on now, git!

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