G. Coleman to sign local mystery, 'The Crooked Coast,' Dec. 15 at Browseabout

December 11, 2012
G. Coleman shows off his new book. "The Crooked Coast." SOURCE SUBMITTED

Browseabout Books announces a signing with G. Coleman, author of the local mystery "The Crooked Coast," from 10 a.m. to noon, Saturday, Dec. 15.

Steuart Colevas had always wanted to try his hand at writing a book, but the demands of a corporate career and raising a family made it virtually impossible.

Born and raised in the D.C. area, Steuart graduated from Salisbury University where he met his future wife, Robin. After a 30-year career in the alcoholic beverage industry, which included both private and public companies, and after raising three children, Steuart and his wife decided to simplify things and relocate to Rehoboth Beach in 2002.

After going through a few part-time jobs, he has found his calling in the wine department at Atlantic Liquors.

He was spending his time selling wine, doing yard work and playing golf when the urge to write resurfaced. Three years later, the result was "The Crooked Coast," written under the name G. Coleman.

The plot evolved in an ad hoc fashion, but eventually came together after many revisions. Three people are drawn together after a sudden death leaves a piece of prime property on the market. A kidnapping soon follows, and their journey, with the help of a Rehoboth Beach detective, takes them to places that will have readers looking at Rehoboth in a way they never would have imagined.

The cover was done by a high school art student from Woodstock, N.Y., stylized to give a film noir appearance.

“People will enjoy the story because it involves drama, love, humor, death, tragedy, and twists and turns at unexpected moments,”  says Colevas.