Support Milton police and Mayor Newlands

February 7, 2013

As a five-year resident of Milton, I am writing to express genuine concern about the upcoming election for the Town of Milton and offer support for Mayor Cliff Newlands.

I believe most residents would attest to the fact that the town has more than its share of critical issues warranting immediate attention, including the number of criminals moving into town and the tedious task of permanently getting them off our streets and out of our neighborhoods. A solid law enforcement program is essential and must be the top priority when considering between Mayor Cliff Newlands and his opponent Marion Jones.

Jones supports the reduction of the budget deficit by potentially reducing the number of police officers by up to 30 percent. For a small town like Milton, such a plan would be instantaneously detrimental to the safety of all residents, businesses and visitors. Milton cannot begin to thrive and move forward without offering a safe, secure environment for those within its boundaries.

Town Manager Win Abbott remarked that there is no formula or benchmark currently in place to calculate appropriate staffing for the police department. The Town of Milton and Jones should be ashamed of considering such significant cuts to the police force without utilizing industry-supported benchmark data. Abbott did mention the town may invite the International Association of Chiefs of Police to conduct a study. This must occur prior to making any decisions regarding police force reductions, or the quality of life in Milton will continue to diminish and the town will have set a precedent for reactive, uneducated decision-making.

Please support the Milton Police Department and cast your vote for Mayor Cliff Newlands, the true supporter of law enforcement.

Jane A. Severs

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