Singing the praises of charter schools

February 7, 2013

This week is National School Choice Week.

I am a parent of a child who attends The Academy of Dover charter school and this is a week well deserved of a school choice celebration. Each morning, I wake up knowing that my child will be going to a school that I chose, not one that I am told that he needs to attend.

Like many other parents, grandparents and guardians, I began to research charter schools to explore different options for educating children when my son was in preschool. My search for sound leadership and instruction was found in charter. Because charters recognize the effectiveness of parental and community support, I share a strong and loyal relationship with other parents actively involved in their child’s education. I have meant a lot of other parents at Academy of Dover who chose this school for their child for the same reason that I have.

My child not only learns from teachers and books, but he also experiences the natural and human environment in the community that the school was chartered to serve. He is engrossed in the in-depth studies of science and the natural world. My child is an engaged and enthusiastic student and he takes ownership in producing grade A work. Although he is being challenged, he rarely struggles, and his confidence is up.

Students struggle for a myriad of reasons and a charter school may not always be the solution to their needs. However, charters have proven to fill a long-standing need in many communities and they serve as a free alternative to traditional public schools. My son has a few disadvantages to other students in his grade. He receives extra help from excellent teachers. They are there for him all the time and nothing would stop them from helping him achieve his best. I am beyond relief that I know he is safe and receiving this daily. Delaware has some high performing charter schools as well as some awesome public schools and I wanted to make sure that Delawareans were aware of their options when it comes to their child’s education. Or not. I, for one am grateful that I have a choice.

Mary Ellen Embert

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