Marion Jones clear choice for Milton

February 21, 2013

It is very clear that Milton needs a new mayor. After attending the debate on Saturday between Cliff Newlands and Marion Jones it became very apparent. People are very dismayed with the present mayor's way of doing things. Milton needs a mayor who understands the importance of our economic development and appearance. Someone with a clear vision for our town and its future.

Someone who listens to the council and the people. We deserve someone who listens and works alongside them, instead of a mayor who keeps us and the town manager at arm's length and in the dark.

Perhaps Mayor Newlands was well intentioned in the beginning, but this cannot make up for his being so misguided. Managing a business and managing a town are two entirely different things.

After listening, I feel that Marion Jones is the clear choice for Milton and the town. She has precise answers and listens and responds to the people. She has demonstrated this numerous times from her present council seat and demands transparency and accountability. She truly advocates what is best for Milton. Hopefully, she can bring an end to the division that has sickened this town and the people in it for so long. It's time that Milton becomes a town we can be proud of.

Milton's best hope lies with Marion Jones. Overwhelming support for her on election day with your vote for Jones is how I feel is the way to go.

Sandy Money

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