Lewes Citizens BPW Roundtable predates Vessella

May 2, 2013

As the Lewes City Council election calendar moves closer to May 11, I would like to set the record straight regarding the Lewes BPW Citizens Roundtable.

It was not initiated by Candace Vessella, candidate for Lewes City Council. Her election website states: “established a citizens’ roundtable to facilitate informal interaction with BPW customers.”

Please understand, Ms. Vessella - the Lewes BPW Citizens Roundtable was established nearly four years ago in response to changes made by the BPW regarding how it billed for services to include ready to serve charges for electric, water, irrigation and sewer, before you ever became directly involved with BPW.

Our membership reflects a cross section of Lewes BPW customers. We have met and continue to meet with BPW management every 2-3 months to discuss a wide range of topics from infrastructure projects, ready to serve charges, competitiveness of rates, cash reserves and other customer-related issues. Initially, we met with Ken Mecham and currently meet with Darrin Gordon, general manager and Heidi Wagner, assistant general manager. On occasion, one or two BPW board members will attend.

When Candace Vessella attended one of our Citizens Roundtable meetings earlier this year she was quite outspoken, advising our group that we should discontinue our meetings with BPW management. Why?  A waste of time! Our meetings continue, thanks to the foresightedness of BPW management.

Her website also states as a goal: “Listen to concerns of all citizens.” Yet, she attempted to silence the voices of over 3,000 customers through her sought after elimination of our Lewes BPW Citizens Roundtable.

I am sure voters on May 11 will make an informed decision keeping this information in mind.

Paul G. Griffith, founder, Lewes BPW Citizens Roundtable


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