SEA TO SHINING SEA: We've turned inland from the coast

May 18, 2013

DAY FOUR - I feel like I'm hogging the Cape Gazette Blog section but I said I would blog every day of this journey and I'm trying. Tonight we're in the Salmon River RV Park. After three and a half days cycling down the ruggedly beautiful Oregon coast, we finally turned inland at Neskowin and eastward into the primeval forests.

We cycled 41 miles today including 3,715 feet of total ascent.  On a ride to Indian River and back from Lewes I would get about 242 feet of total uphill riding.  Not sure how I got that.  I guess at least 100 of it is the inlet bridge. Our total is up to about 120 some miles. Chipping away.

We ate lunch at Grateful Bread in Pacific City.  Lyrics to Sugar Magnolia on the men's room wall.  "Takes the wheel when I'm seeing double . . . "

Reminds me of the Band's Up On Cripple Creek.  "I don't have to speak, she defends me . . . "

Photo of Jerry Garcia on the wall behind the counter.  All the waitresses in tie-died shirts. Clam chowder, fruit, fresh wheat bread, tuna sandwich, fresh-squeezed lemonade.  Tons of clams along the Oregon coast and about eight different varieties. Muy bueno.

Took a break at a duneside state park. Bob Straub Park, I think.  John Hollis called to say the Sussex Outdoors program - encouraging people to get outside and get active at Sussex County''s many public outdoor venues - is gaining real traction,.

Highway robbery here at Salmon River Park.  $10 for a sweet tent site beneath towering pines.  Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner along with tea and decaf.  Picnic table.  Dog barking.  Asphalt crew doing a last minute Friday night job, getting rid of half a load. Dump truck tail gate clanging.

Here are some more photos for you. Check out the broad expanse of dunes edged by pines and Scotch broom.  That's the yellow stuff  I was talking about. Man talking to the lady sorting recycling bottles and cans said it's a scourge.  "I had to get rid of it at my little ranch.  You know what worked?  Goats."

PS - The day started with rain.  Every day it's at least 20 percent.  Covers the weatherman. Now it's dry.  Halleluia. Tempos still in 40s and 50s.

Night John Boy.

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