Fleming to host photography workshop July 13

July 8, 2013

Award-winning photographers Kevin Fleming and Tony Pratt will host a one-day photography workshop Saturday, July 13, in the Lewes Library second floor meeting room.  Attendance is limited to the first 30 registrants.

The workshop will start at 10 a.m. and run until 5 p.m. Participants will learn how Kevin and Tony photograph portraits, landscapes, wildlife, action and aerials. They will help improve your knowledge of camera and lens elements (getting to know the camera) by covering camera basics including lens settings, shutter speeds, depth of field/shutter speed comparison, and how to correctly use a camera to give you better mastery of your photography.

Fleming and Pratt will discuss light (natural and artificial), color, shape and composition in regards to photographing portraits, landscapes, wildlife, sports and macro subjects.  The goal is to help you develop and improve your photographer's eye and help you make photographs rather than simply taking photographs. There will also be coverage of post-production practices - Photoshop basic tools, HDR samples, including RAW files, effective cropping, use of crop tool, clone stamp, healing brush, layer masks and sharpening.

The seminar is indoors in a classroom setting, and lunch will be brought in.  Workshop attendees will be given a photographic assignment and asked to bring their work in for instructor and class critique at a separate, optional, workshop scheduled in October.

Price of the all-day seminar is $125 and participants will receive an autographed copy of Kevin's book "The Heart of America" or "Wild Delmarva" (a $50 value).

This seminar is for photographers with some experience who want to improve their skills. To get the most from this class, students should be using a digital single-lens reflex camera (not a point-and-shoot).

To register online go to

To register by phone or email contact or call 800-291-7600 between 10 and 5.  The class will be limited to 30 people.