Why do I hate online multiplayer?

I’d much rather get in a room with close friends and play Mario Kart 64 than play a game online. SOURCE PIXELVOLT.COM
July 23, 2013

Sometimes, I try really hard to like things because I see other people enjoying them so much; The Walking Dead (the AMC show), football, and even online multiplayer. Yes, it’s true: I hate online multiplayer.

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For some reason, whenever I try to play an online multiplayer game, I don’t enjoy it at all. Is it because I only had local multiplayer and single-player games growing up and that’s just what I’m used to? Or, is it because of all of the hate speech heard from players online? I believe it’s the latter.

Playing games online, especially as a girl, can be a really daunting experience. You either A) get hit on by creepy people or B) get cursed at because you “suck at gaming.” Do I suck at gaming? No. But, when I play online, rude people make me feel like I do. I think I don’t like playing online because I can’t handle negative criticism.

Does anyone else have this problem? Even with my favorite games, like The Last of Us and Uncharted, I don’t enjoy playing online multiplayer. I’d much rather get in a room with close friends and play Mario Kart 64.

The only online multiplayer experience I have truly enjoyed is Journey. It is, hands down, the most unique multiplayer experience I have ever been involved in. You play with a complete stranger and try to finish the journey together. It’s beautiful. More games should challenge the traditional thought of what an online multiplayer game is and try new things. I guess I like the multiplayer in Journey so much because there’s no opportunity to get angry at the person nity to get angry at the person you’re playing with. You don’t even know who it is and you can’t contact them in any way. I think that’s really special.

I’ve always really enjoyed great single-player experiences. I like to feel completely connected to the game on a personal level. With a brilliant game like The Last of Us, I just think multiplayer is unnecessary. I’d rather have more single-player DLC. However, online multiplayer is a huge cash cow, and I understand that a lot of people enjoy it. I just feel that games include a multiplayer mode just because it’s the norm, and not because they want to try something new and meaningful.