New York Times bestselling author Hilderbrand comes to Browseabout Books July 28

July 25, 2013
Elin Hilderbrand

Nationally acclaimed author Elin Hilderbrand comes to Browseabout Books 10:30 a.m. to noon Sunday, July 28, for a book signing to celebrate her most recent New York Times bestselling novel. “Beautiful Day” is an entertaining, fast-moving, summer read that reflects Hilderbrand’s lifelong love of the beach, cemented when she and her family would vacation in Cape Cod every July.

Beach locations change, but share characteristics that had Hilderbrand’s family enjoying the same things Rehoboth Beach-going families cherish - playing on the beach, collecting shells and sea glass, digging for hermit crabs, miniature golf, eating steamed shrimp, glorious sunsets, and night walks spent gazing at millions of stars over the ocean.

“The two things I could count on were that we would go to bed with skin too tight from too much sun, and there would be sand in the sheets,” Hilderbrand comments.

But those glorious days came to an abrupt end for Hilderbrand when she was 16 and her father died in a plane crash, forcing her to spend all of the following summer doing piecework in a factory.

Hilderbrand made a pledge she honors to this day, “I promised myself that the goal for the rest of my life would be that I would always have a real summer.”

She visited Nantucket and has now lived there for 20 years. Through her novels she shares the perfect combination of sunshine and beaches with her massive audience.

A great beach read, but not mere fluff, “Beautiful Day” features characters imbued with emotional depth, who strive to discover the meanings of love and commitment in a story where everyone seems to end up where they belong - even if it’s not where they planned to be.

Two families gather on Nantucket for the wedding of Jenna Carmichael and Stuart Graham, but the fairytale perfect wedding intricately planned and recorded by the bride’s mother in The Notebook before she died seven years earlier - a wedding Jenna and her family are determined to carry out in every detail - makes no allowance for the dysfunction, stress and reopening of old wounds perfectly set against the classic literary pretext for exploring personal and family dysfunction.

Though Hilderbrand calls it the wedding book, she says it’s really a book about marriages that hits every point on the possible spectrum, from the best to the worst possible marriages, and from the worst to the best possible divorce.

More information is available at or 302-226-2665. Copies of "Beautiful Day" can be held and personalized autographed copies can be secured for those unable to attend, on request.