Online Advertising... Simplified!

July 16, 2014

Purchasing online advertising can be a daunting task. The terminology and abundance of options can confuse the savviest of marketers.

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It is increasingly important for businesses of all sizes to have a legitimate web presence. When you decide you are going to invest in internet marketing, make sure you are aware of the value being provided.

Certain statistics should be held in higher regard than others.

For example:

HITS: While commonly quoted, hits provide little to no value in determining the traffic of a website. A hit is registered each time the web server is "hit" for a file request and it will take multiple files to completely load a single webpage.

If you are quoted hits, ask instead about the site's pageviews or unique visitors.

Pageviews: A pageview is counted each time a visitor on a website views a new page. This metric will give you a better idea of how much content from that website is provided to users over a given period of time.

Unique Visits: This stat will tell you exactly how many different people have visited a website over a given period of time. Unique visits will also provide a distinction from overall visits which is a number that includes repeat traffic.


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