William Singleton

Over 20 years of experience working with adults, couples, teens and families to rebuild lives left broken from the aftermath of addiction. Using an eclectic approach involving motivation, encouragement, reality and compassion. I build a safe, trusting environment enabling individuals to embrace forgiveness, empowerment and hope which is the fuel for change. I often see how negative behaviors are used to cope with the stress of life and responsibilities, those behaviors become habitual, and then addictive. Dependency counseling helps to identify those habitual or addictive behaviors. The treatment process is a creative strategic plan to identify healthy skills buried within, while also creating new strength to handle unexpected challenges we will encounter tomorrow. I believe we create our own cure for the disease of addiction through the humble process of learning and implementing positive changes. If we can incorporate specific recovery tools into our lifestyle it will create a buffer to protect us from repeating the traumatic mistakes from our past. Since addictions also effects family and loved ones, it is often important to include those relationships in counseling. Without realizing it, loved ones can enable the addictive behaviors and foster environments for relapse. Everyone is affected by addictions, creating depression, anger, resentments, impulsive and compulsive behaviors to name just a few, which is why it is critical that everyone involved is educated as a team to rebuild a healthy positive environment. I believe anyone who is willing has the ability to change regardless of how many times you have failed in the past. I never give up hoping that this time will be the day things finally start to fall into place and I'll be there waiting for that day to come.

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    6 Chelsea Square
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