Concealed-carry laws help reduce crime

August 24, 2013

Your editorial "Guns equal devolution, short-term thinking" (Cape Gazette, Aug. 9) presents the proposition that concealed-carry "deadly" gun permits are leading to "devolving instead of evolving" of our culture.
You say that we should not address "steadily increasing crime" by "reverting to the guns and lawlessness that once unfortunately defined the Wild West experience." Instead, without specifics, you suggest "vigilance as individuals to avoid being crime victims."

But, that's exactly the point of self-defense and concealed-carry laws.
Consider these recent  statistics from Florida according to an ABC news report by Jacob Carpenter on 1-9-2013: "The firearm-involved violent crime rate has dropped 33 percent between 2007 and 2011, while the number of issued concealed weapons permits rose nearly 90 percent during that time, state records show." Yet, total permits are only 4.7 percent of Florida's population.

Moreover, Dr. John R. Lott, PhD economist and gun policy author, points out that, "In Florida from Jan. 2009 to March 2011 concealed-carry permits revoked for firearm violations was an annualized .0003%. The police annual rate of firearm violations is .007...
Permit holders have succeeded in stopping a wide range of multiple victim public shootings, at schools and elsewhere. Yet, so far there has not been a single incident where a permit holder has accidentally shot a bystander."

Remember, when Sally Read defused a dangerous home invasion in Dewey last year with her handgun without firing a shot? Was that lifesaving action  an example of "devolution" of the culture? I think not.

Geary Foertsch

Rehoboth Beach

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