Blooming Boutique Launches X by Trollbeads

September 24, 2013

PRESS RELEASE - For Immediate Release

Blooming Boutique Launches X by Trollbeads
Jewelry Gets Personal with the launch of X by Trollbeads!

Michiko Seto (owner)
Blooming Boutique

Blooming Boutique in Lewes & Rehoboth are now carrying the new X by Trollbeads that launched in NYC on September 18th. The line is not designed to be compatible with the original Trollbeads brand, but is entirely a new concept with it own unique aesthetics. Bracelets and necklaces can be designed to look anything from feminine to edgy and attracts a younger crowd of both male and female.

In a fast paced world where the role of self- expression is becoming instantaneous through the rise of social media – defining yourself is vastly important. X by Trollbeads jewelry range was launched globally today and allows the owners to carry a stamp of unique expression around with them at all times. Renowned Danish jewelers Trollbeads have created X by Trollbeads, a unique take on personalized jewelry. The cutting edge design uses high quality silver, bronze, gold and black Rubber X links that connect with a “simple twist”, to create bespoke bracelets and necklaces. The raw elegance of a customized X by Trollbeads piece is a bold expression of the wearer’s style. Each link has a compelling personality of its own, from rock chick symbols such as guitars and musical notes, to ultra-modern links inspired by pixels and city skylines, and personal and creative symbols representing love and Chinese zodiac animals - their unexpected combinations can tell a highly individual story about the wearer.

The launch collection is creatively eclectic with a range of over seventy cleverly designed and playfully themed links and includes contributions from nine of Trollbeads’ artistic designers, each of whom brings their own interpretation and style to the elegant yet functional design. X by Trollbeads is an open link bracelet concepts borne from the original anchor chain. The links are fully interchangeable and thanks to varying materials, unique bracelets can be created. At present links are available in rubber, silver, bronze or gold. The links each feature a minuscule gap on one side. These are aligned to press the links together as the image below shows. (It creates an “X” which also gave inspiration for the concept name.) Once the links are placed around the wrist, the links lay with the indentations completely apart. Bracelets can then be created from a mix of basic or core links and decorative additions.

“X by Trollbeads brings the creativity and expression of personalized jewelry to a whole new audience,” said Lise Aagaard. “The jewelry concept is for a woman who loves clever aesthetics, is imaginative and creative and has a strong sense of her own personal expression and style.”

X by Trollbeads is available in stores in more than thirty-five markets globally and online on Because an X by Trollbeads chain is a unique combination of Rubber X, bronze, silver and gold X links they can fit any budget. To begin your bracelet as black Rubber X with a single bronze X link and a designer silver X link the price would be $130 and can go up with using more bronze, silver or gold.

About Trollbeads

Trollbeads started life as ‘Troldekugler’ in 1976 in a small jeweler’s store in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is the original beads-on-bracelet brand. By launching X by Trollbeads, Trollbeads has once again developed a brand new and exciting jewelry concept.

Trollbeads is an exquisite set of interchangeable jewelry pieces. At the heart of the collection are the beads themselves. Each piece in the Trollbeads collection has its own history, taking its inspiration from mythology, astrology, fairy tales, fauna, flora, cultural diversity, and last but certainly not least, in the familiar things of everyday living. Trollbeads products include beads on bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and accessories.

It is this diversity that gives the customer a completely unique experience. They become the designer when they create their own personalized jewelry and they decide which story they want to tell. Women in more than 50 countries have discovered this original jewelry concept, which, while meeting demands for high quality, still satisfies individual tastes and preferences.

Trollbeads jewelry is made from the highest quality raw materials, including 18-carat gold, sterling silver, Italian glass, freshwater pearls, amber and precious stones, and is created from a blend of traditional and modern techniques. In 2001 Trollbeads started to design glass beads, which quickly became very coveted. Trollbeads is world famous for the enchanting way it plays with glass. Each glass bead is individually handmade from red-hot glass in the open flame and no two Trollbeads are ever completely alike.

Trollbeads is a part of Danish design legacy, which is known for its simplicity, functionality and quality. Design is what drives Trollbeads and it is the designers who create the collection; they use the highest quality material and craftsmanship. To date, more than 60 designers have contributed to the Trollbeads collection. Trollbeads have won international artistic recognition and have been exhibited at Sculpture Objects & Functional Art in Chicago and New York.

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