Greater than the Sum of Our Parts

October 19, 2013
Teamwork builds success for buyers and sellers at The Lee Ann Wilkinson Group!

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”


This wise, time-tested observation applies to most situations (thank you, Aristotle!).  It’s also a highly efficient way of saying that what we achieve together is more than any one of us could accomplish alone.  At The Lee Ann Wilkinson Group, we are putting this philosophy to the test every day to make sure each of us brings value to our clients’ real estate transactions.  I’m proud of the work we have accomplished and of each team member that helps the process go smoothly for buyers and sellers.


From listing your home to finding a buyer – or from your first phone call or email of interest to settlement on your new property – each member of my team uses all of our extensive resources to get the job done.  After all, there’s no “I” in team, either!


Meet The Lee Ann Wilkinson Group - our team at “home” and in the field:

Dane Baich, REALTOR®, Buyer’s Agent

Carrie Gentile, REALTOR®, Listing Manager

Beth Heid, Communications Coordinator

Chris Holt, REALTOR®, Chief Operating Officer, Listing/Buyer’s Agent

Trish Irwin, Settlement Coordinator

Garrett King, REALTOR®, Buyer's Agent

Erin Marsh Lee, REALTOR®, Buyer's Agent

Mary McLeod, REALTOR®, Buyer’s Agent

Cyndi Myers, REALTOR®, Settlement Coordinator

Mark Robinson, REALTOR®, Buyer's Agent

Dawn Singley, Showing Coordinator

Taylor Wilkinson, Listing Coordinator

Lee Ann Wilkinson, REALTOR®, President


Call us, The Lee Ann Wilkinson Group, at (302) 645-6664, visit us online at, or visit our offices at 16698 Kings Highway in Lewes.