Overwinter your tropical plants

November 7, 2013

First frost is around the corner its time to bring in those tropical plants. Many tropicals such as hibiscus, ensetes, angel trumpets, oleander and mandevillas, can be overwintered inside in a bright south facing window.

Alyssa Pepper of Pepper’s Greehouse in Milton says “Bring them in before a chance of frost and inspect them for insects. They will drop leaves and stop blooming once inside. Reduce watering and stop fertilizing; you can increase both in the spring when the days lengthen before its time to return them outside.

“Bulb-type tropicals, such as elephant ears, dahlias and caladiums, can be cut down after a light frost. Remove all soil, let them dry, and store in a dry cool area above freezing. Check on the bulbs every couple of weeks for signs of rot or fungal diseases. Divide these in the spring when you move them back outside.”