Question no one is asking about Delaware

November 28, 2013

I know we all try to keep ourselves well versed with the topics of our state government; subjects such as the status of our poor Moody analytical report ranking Delaware’s economy at the bottom of the list of recovering and falling back into the recession.

Delaware’s unemployment rate is approximately 35,000 people. Delaware’s education system ranking is 22nd in the nation. These are just a few of our current administration’s unsuccessful policies from an extensive roster that have Delaware near the bottom of the list.

But the question no one is asking is “Why is Delaware ranked No. 4 out of 50 as the most corrupt state?” Is this something we as taxpayers should be proud of where, we rank at the top of the list? It’s embarrassing to say the least among the current administration's unsuccessful policies. Click the link below. via @thedailybeast

I am truly disturbed that our beloved state has taken a nose dive in the past 20 years regarding its image among the rest of the country. Mass media, newspapers and information transported through the internet has informed all of us of the corrupted practices among politicians and business professionals who link themselves together in their attempts to gain statewide power, status, favors and financial gain at the high cost of the Delaware taxpayer.

When is enough, enough! Let’s move on, eliminating the career-crooked politicians in 2014 and 2016 as consensus voters making Delaware the first state is once was.

Lacey Lafferty
Republican candidate for governor in 2016

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