WAIT! Before you Encapsulate...Call Activ Pest Solutions.

December 5, 2013
The photo below shows termite damage in a structural header in our client’s home. This client recently paid over $10k to have their crawl space sealed and had two well-known stand-alone crawl space encapsulation companies working on the crawl space.

The Problem is that neither of these companies suggested to have the home inspected for termites prior to encapsulation. Now the home owner has to completely tear out the $10k crawl space system and have the crawl space treated for termites and spend an estimated $40k to repair the termite damage to their home!

Treating your home for termites before a crawl space encapsulation can save you MUCH MORE than $15.00 a month on your energy bill, it can save your home from THOUSANDS of dollars in damage.

Call Activ Pest Solutions FIRST - we will inspect and guide you in choosing a crawl space encapsulation company. Call Today! 302-645-1502 or