"To all who come to this Happy Place, WELCOME" is a great quote by Walt Disney opening Disney Land…The same can be said for Fun Fit Vibe!

- Private group -
December 19, 2013

Having been a customer of a Power Plate Authorized Studio, I really appreciate the benefits of Acceleration Training. First getting my strength back after an 8 day hospital stay &  losing 70 pounds in 6 months - I am a believer & a doer. Every day was different, fun & another step towards my goal of getting my active life back.

Many of our clients will say "Is my time up already…time just flew by"! Yes just like the old saying "Time flies when your having FUN".

No doubt, Fun Fit Vibe has expanded on a good idea - with multiple machines, great seasonal appropriate activities & now virtual reality games - that put you in the action again. Skiing, Darts, Dancing, playing Tennis, Bowling, Boxing, Football, Baseball & a crowd favorite Golf…combination moves that improve your actual skills when not having to respond to precise harmonic vibration when playing.

We do all this with you - the whole time…as many of our clients will say "we love the Power Plate, we love the Fun Fit Vibe system…but we are hiring you!". The Fun Fit Vibe coaches are just great leaders & have a heart for people!!!

Call Greg at 302-249-8000 to schedule your free demonstration today!

Our picture says it all - active in our 50's and our parents, active in their 80's up above in the windows watching it all!! Just last month. What a blessing to share.

You, Your loved ones & Your friends will get the same care we give our parents…Fun Fit Vibe - offering Hope & Health through Strength & Nutrition.