Praise for today's Editorial "70% of health issues arise due to behavior choices". We must grasp the truth "YES I CAN" & Yes I am a positive example for all who see me succeed.

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December 28, 2013

Congratulations! This editorial hits the nail on the head. "70% of health issues arise from BEHAVIOR Choices." WOW & how do we change our own "behavior choices"? Either reward ourselves for success, so we love it - or punish ourselves (pay for it ourselves), so we change. Then our new habit becomes a lifestyle - that literally gives us life…& saves us all money.

I am a native - born, raised & chose to come back home. I have also been obese & have felt the loneliness of no one - especially not insurance companies - caring a bit to help me beat obesity. I have been there - to hell & back & beat obesity.

10 - 2 letter words are in my senior yearbook "If it is to be it is up to me"!!! I wanted my life back so bad I could taste it…& did not want to taste any of the junk food that got me fat.

No doubt words are powerful - the more leadership & media espouse the realities that we are in this together…& as this article does - NO ONE can afford to be obese. The calories ingested are expensive, the bigger clothes are expensive, the reduced gas mileage in my car not only kills me at the pump - but pollutes more, the lost work days are expensive (4times more for obese), the medical & pharmaceutical cost to my insurance plan are expensive (4times more for obese) & the ability to "act my way into feeling better" is a great reward.

Our company is 100% behind this initiative & I trust every body with any fiscal responsibility in Delaware keeps this on the front burner. Politicians who see the reality of not being able to fund free care (understand if it is free it is human nature to take it for granted), insurance companies who will be required to pay for it & take it out of their profits, medical professionals who realize costs must come down to the reasonable & customary insurance companies pay, Spiritual leaders who speak against gluttony, otherwise "swept under the carpet" -  it is one of the 7 deadly sins, parents & grand parents set the example every day. Truly more is caught than taught.

School leaders coming along side parents & requiring kids to "Play 60" minutes every day as the NFL advocates. And certainly realizing that "eating less costs less"…for raw food, for labor, for the cost to treat all the diseases that are brought on by obesity.

A mentality that states as one of my clients says "I can even change my tastebuds if it will save my life" is proactive & is required when all marketing of sugar drinks, & salt & sugar snacks makes us think "everybody eats junk all the time."

The reality is it cost to much to eat junk & live a sedentary lifestyle. Our couches are killing us.

Being active releases endorphins & makes us feel great! Overcoming both SAD's at this time of the year - Seasonal Affective Disorder - due to short cloudy days & Standard American Diet - which leads to obesity & depression.

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention - we know better & NOW we MUST ACT better. You will see it in the extended "health spans" of fellow Sussex Countians' !!!

If you do not think this is a big issue read today's USA today article on "Trying to figure out the obesity crisis"…basically our "genes" are not a valid excuse.

One of the biggest barriers I see is fear - fear of success - what will I do if I don't have any health issues to complain about? Freedom from doctors visits is a new reality for many, saving thousands in  increasing copays & medications & gives a month of time back to you each year.

Also fear of failure - it does take a village as Rick Warren's "The Daniel Plan" illustrates & all of us can quote Abraham Lincoln - "I care not that you fall down, I care that you get back up again". I am the boss of me & I am personally responsible for my vital signs.

"Decide, Commit, Succeed" & Celebrate Daily.

Go Fight Win…We can do this.

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