Ocean Atlantic Realty works to drop 120 pounds

Team Ocean Atlantic poses with their coaches after completing their Corporate Fitness Challenge. Shown in back are (l-r) Eric Parsons, Chuck Seaman, Jenn Barrows, Shelley Foresman, Anne Powell, Kim Hammer, Kim Stockson and Sandi Bisgood. In front are trainers Chris Antonio and Melanie Murray. BY CHRIS ANTONIO
January 11, 2014

While most people were packing on the pounds, an ambitious group of local realtors dropped a total of 120 pounds and learned to get best results from their workouts by joining Antonio’s Training Corporate Fitness Challenge.

The challenge included eight volunteers from Ocean Atlantic Sotheby's International Realty who agreed to follow a 12-week regimented workout designed to get them in the best possible shape during the most difficult time of year, combining weight training, cardio and proper diet guidelines. Although weight loss was a secondary goal, the contest was judged on improving body composition. Each person was tested at the beginning and end of the challenge by Rehoboth Bod Pod using state-of-the-art technology to determine total amount of body fat lost. To motivate the employees, Ocean Atlantic owner Justin Healy offered to reimburse half the cost of the program for contestants who were able to lose 11 percent of their overall body fat in addition to completing the program.

Even though the challenge spanned Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, results were excellent, and participants managed to lose a total of 120 pounds and an average of 10.6 percent body fat per person. Four people reached their ultimate goal and were reimbursed by the company, with Chuck Seaman leading the pack at 25 pounds and 15 percent body fat, Sandi Bisgood with 14 pounds and 13.5 percent, Kim Hammer with 14 pounds and 12 percent, and Anne Powell with 7.5 pounds and 12 percent. Other participants included Shelly Foresman, Eric Parsons, Kim Stockson and Jen Barrows, all of whom did an excellent job and made significant improvements.

Other noteworthy accomplishments were Kim Stockson with a total loss of 27 pounds and 9.5 percent body fat, and Eric Parsons with a loss of 10.7 percent body fat. In addition to the above results, participants reported feeling better, healthier, and stronger, and they mitigated weaknesses and old injuries. Many dropped several clothing sizes.

Antonio’s Training would like to thank Justin Healy and Ocean Atlantic for fielding such an awesome team. Their positive energy and teamwork made this challenge an excellent experience for everyone involved. Several contestants will be rejoining the challenge in mid-February and will go for round two and another 12 weeks with the possibility of competing against other companies and taking their previous results to the next level. Stay tuned for more.

  • Chris Antonio is a personal trainer and former world-class weightlifter. He has been lifting for more than 20 years and has trained a wide variety of clients ranging from All-American athletes to the average person trying to get into shape. To send a question to the Ask the Trainer column, email Chris at or check out

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