Rehoboth should put wires underground

January 30, 2014

In regards to the overhead power lines and unsightly telephone poles on the side streets of Rehoboth Beach.

A representative of Delmarva Power & Light Company recently knocked on my door, gave me a brochure and informed me the company would be cutting city trees for clearance of their overhead wires. This has been going on for years, leaving the trees maimed and distorted.

Rehoboth Avenue has underground wiring and looks very nice. Henlopen Acres had all wires recently put underground and the town of Henlopen Acres paid Delmarva Power. Country Club Estates and all new developments have underground wiring.

I asked the representative of Delmarva Power why the city streets' wires in Rehoboth are not underground. He said it would probably cost a million dollars a street. There are only 10 to 15 streets and some are only one block long, so when will the rest of the town get underground wiring?

Taxpayers' money would be better spent to improve the aesthetics (beauty) of Rehoboth than build a new City Hall. The city recently purchased the Wilmington Trust Bank building, so it could be enlarged at some future date.

City Hall looks fine and is working, so I believe that getting rid of all the unsightly overhead wires and telephone poles should take priority over a new City Hall which will also cost millions of dollars.

Last year, two transformers blew up and caught fire on the corner of First Street and Olive Avenue. I'm sure this happens at other locations.

Please observe the wires and poles on the streets of Rehoboth and save the destruction of many trees that beautify the town.

Kitty Cole
Rehoboth Beach

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