Bringing new life into the world is a job filled with happiness

Dr. Vincent Killeen: Serving women of the Cape Region for almost 30 years

Special to the Cape Gazette
February 28, 2014
Dr. Vincent B. Killeen

Cold, wintry days - even here at the beach - make Dr. Vincent B. Killeen still glad that he chose the Lewes and Georgetown areas for his practice instead of Worcester, Mass., where he hails from. “Now, that is a cold place,” he said.

Specializing in obstetrics and gynecology here for close to 30 years, with Bayside Health offices in Lewes and Georgetown, Killeen, at 60 years of age, is well known and respected among his women patients, fellow physicians, nurses, midwives and staff - and the community at large. He’s not thinking retirement. “I figure I have another good 10 years,” he said.

Patients like the fact that with each exam, Killeen is careful, thorough and respectful. When a new patient signs on, he is careful to greet the patient first and have a discussion of her needs and concerns. Then comes the exam. After someone becomes a regular patient, the exam with Killeen comes first; then the patient meets with the doctor in his office and is given the chance to again bring up any cares or concerns before she leaves.

After graduating from Georgetown University Medical School and doing residency there, Killeen was hired to “moonlight” or cover for a physician in the Lewes area. “I knew once I came here that I wanted to establish my practice here,” he said.

Why did he choose obstetrics/gynecology? “For the same reason my colleagues say; it’s a fun practice, and the doctors are happy people.” Bringing new life into the world is an important part of that happiness. Also, in his family, he and his wife, Debra, have three daughters and one grandchild, a girl.

It concerns Killeen that now, some patients at 70 years of age are only receiving every-other-year treatment and exams. They must pay if they want annual exams. “I see women riding it out, hoping that they are safe," he said.

He is also concerned about coverage for young women under 21 years of age. “Again, healthcare laws don’t cover that care,” he said. “There could be abnormal pap smears and the possibility of a sexually transmitted disease and other conditions.”

Melissa "Missy" Warren and Diana Tylecki make up what Killeen calls his “fabulous management team.” Tylecki is a nurse and considered a clinical nurse manager. Warren is the human resource manager who manages the two offices, doing evaluations, hiring, firing and making sure the medical professionals sign up for continuing education and keep their licenses up-to-date. “When the staff doesn’t know where to go with something, they come here,” she said with a laugh.

There are three other doctors on the Bayside Health physician team: Dr. Steven Berlin, Dr. Leo Eschbach Jr. and Dr. Tabitha Perry.

And, there are four certified nurse midwives on staff: Ann Marie Stafford, Sally Ruby, Carrie Keane and Katie Lawrence. “Women are better listeners, more understanding, and patient with children,” Killeen said. “We were the first practice to have midwives on the Delmarva Peninsula, in 1993.”

Killeen’s mother, Virginia, passed away last year. Asked if she took good care of herself, he said, “Yes, she was an athlete in years gone by, and she was a strong New England woman.” His first grandchild is named for her great-grandmother.

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