February 18, 2014

Life is too short for LIES!  Let’s get straight to the TRUTH before it’s too late!

Let this former meat-loving granddaughter of a Pennsylvania dairy farmer share with you what I’ve learned on the way to wellness:  MEAT SICKENS, FATTENS AND KILLS.  Meat killed my grandfather, my father, one of my brothers and nearly killed me! Now it’s working on you, your children and grandchildren!  Meat, in all of its forms—liquid meat (milk), congealed meat (cheese), runny meat (yogurt and eggs), mottled meat (cottage cheese), frozen meat (ice cream)—is taking a huge toll on our health and our healthcare system. It is well-documented that every known chronic disease has its origins in the consumption of some form of animal protein. Worse yet, the world’s increasing demand for animal products is destroying the environment and contributing over 50% of greenhouse gases to global climate change!

The impact of meat consumption on human health has been well known, but suppressed, for decades.  The impact of meat consumption on the environment and its contributions to global climate change has only been recognized in recent years.  Civilization is in crisis and yet everywhere we turn, we face LIES—LIES from governments, companies, agencies and organizations with huge economic interests in maintaining the status quo. Even our most trusted nonprofit organizations, while claiming to be committed to environmental protection, are reluctant to appear anti-meat lest fund-raising be impeded!  So LIES continue while the future of humanity is in peril.

Time for the TRUTH

On the healthcare front, Kaiser Permanente is the first large medical group to face the TRUTH.  In 2013 the nation’s largest healthcare provider advised its 17,000 physicians to recommend a plant-based diet for ALL patients!

On the global climate change front, Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday, February 16 announced cooperative measures with China to address “the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.” But his powerful speech failed to make the connections between the world’s escalating demand for meat and the disastrous consequences of our ravenous appetites.  Only a few prophetic voices are crying out in the wilderness making the connections between our food choices and climate change.  Among those voices is that of Dr. Richard A. Oppenlander whose two recent books Comfortably Unaware and Food Choice and Sustainability: Why Buying Local, Eating Less Meat, and Taking Baby Steps Won’t Work are essential reading for meaningful action all of us must take to face the future with hope.

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