Looking for Rentals Home in Coastal Delaware? Why they're hard to find...

December 6, 2014

In an article on the Active Adults Realty blog titled, “Rentals are hard to find in Coastal Delaware,” I address the subject of “Renting Before You Buy”. We often get contacted by people who would like to try living in Delaware before they make a decision to buy asking, “Can we rent a home in a 55+ community in Delaware?”

I’m sure this is the case when people anywhere are thinking of a major relocation, especially when they retire. No matter how compelling the reasons to consider moving to Coastal Delaware, first you need to get to know the area to find out how you like it.

Can we rent a home in a 55+ community in Delaware?

But here is the challenge, we do not have a supply of rental homes or condos in the new active adult communities. Sure, there may be one or two but there is no inventory of homes available for rent in the same community you are thinking of buying. It is purely hit or miss and whenever we have had one available for rent it has gone quickly.

There is no Multi-List for Rentals in Delaware....

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