New house goes up on Silver Lake

March 5, 2014

Story Location:
rehoboth  Delaware
United States

A new house is going up on Silver Lake in Rehoboth Beach, but so far it has avoided controversy. Owner Joe Filipek said the house was designed by Bernardon Haber Halloway to be aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sensitive. He said it is set back 25 feet from the lake, with sloping terraces approaching a self-imposed 15-foot no-mow zone.

Filipek and building inspector Terri Sullivan said plans were reviewed by neighbors and SOLA3 President Sallie Forman. The house is scheduled to be finished next summer.

Filipek was one of several neighbors who opposed a house at 6 Silver Lane, two houses down from his. That house came under fire because it appeared to be built into the lake, but city officials said it complied with the city's 6-foot side setback requirement. The city commissioners later adopted an ordinance mandating a 10-foot no-mow zone for lakefront properties.

Forman said, "Joe reviewed his plans with me well before construction of his new house began. My impression is that he is very sensitive to the natural environment and would take steps to assure that the construction did not harm Silver Lake."

She said in addition, Filipek worked with the city and Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control to get approvals and advice on stabilizing the shoreline and submitted his stormwater and sediment management plans to Sussex County Conservation District for review.

"We commend and property owner who voluntarily protects the lakes from shoreline erosion, stormwater and sediment runoff and exceeds the setback requirements of the local jurisdiction," Forman said.