Helping to Build our Community

- Private group -
April 3, 2014

I was recently in New York City sitting with a chef friend of mine from when I used to live there who spent the entire duration of our one hour meeting complaining about the fact that people are always asking her to donate to not-for-profit causes from her restaurant. “Don’t they realize I’m in this business to make money?” was her mournful lament.

My response to her was quite simple. “I work as hard as I do so that I can afford to support that which I believe in.” I would have added more but this is a very small town and I still have to live here. What I would have LIKED to say was this: your community is only as strong and as decent as you yourself make it and if you believe in creating a town where everyone works a little harder to create a better baseline then the standard of decency will be raised for everyone. If you believe that we are all playing on the same playground (and of course we are) then why not work together to have more fun? There are enough toys on the playground for everyone if everyone learns to share.

Get Down In Town, sponsored by Main Street, on Friday April 4th from 6-9 is that kind of event. The restaurants donate food to the shops and people come down town to support the event by buying wristbands ($10) and shopping and dining. We all show our Team Rehoboth Spirit and show how well we can work together when we care about one another. Our money this year goes to support the Rehoboth Inspired Chef Initiative and Rehoboth Parents Teacher Organization. Both groups helping our local community by supporting food related charities and our children’s education. Do I care about my town? Of course I do. You will find Hobos serving food at Azura with our fabulous quesadilla bar (I will be cooking the duck confit quesadilla), Mod Cottage with a seafood theme and Avenue Apothecary and Spa with our organic meats and local menu items. We care about the community that supports us. Buy your wristbands at the Main Street office, Azura, Heidi Lowe, or Carltons. Get Down In Town on Friday and support your Main Street.

Got to love Team Rehoboth. Play for our team by shopping and dining locally.

Gretchen Hanson is the Executive Chef of Hobos Restaurant and Bar