Three miles of Prime Hook Creek closed

Silting reduces water level, refuge officials say
The sun rises over Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge. Access to this section of the refuge has been relocated to boat ramps other than the headquarters ramp. BY RON MACARTHUR
April 30, 2014

The easternmost three miles of Prime Hook Creek in Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge is closed for safety reasons due to low water levels, according to refuge officials.

“Silting in of the ditches and channels over the last few years is the main reason for low water levels in the eastern portion of the creek,” said Bill Jones, visitor services manager, Coastal Delaware National Wildlife Refuge Complex. “Evaporation this summer and any lack of rainfall will compound this problem.”

The westernmost four miles of the creek will remain open for use by anglers, wildlife observers and nature photographers using boats, canoes and kayaks.

The only access to the creek is from the boat ramps near Route 1 at Brumbley's Family Park and from the Prime Hook Wildlife Area on Little Neck Road. The boat ramp at the refuge is closed; however, fishing along the shoreline is permitted along Dike Trail.

For more information, contact the refuge office at 302-684-8419 or go to