American Stockyard Ribs

April 24, 2014


1 (10.5 ounce) can beef broth

3 tablespoons honey mustard

1/4 cup honey

1/2 cup water

1/4 cup Stockyard Red Raspberry BBQ Sauce (Click to BUY)

1/4 cup soy sauce

1/4 cup maple syrup

3 pounds baby back pork ribs



1. In the crock of a slow cooker, mix together the beef broth, honey mustard, honey, water, Stockyard Red Raspberry BBQ Sauce (Click to BUY), soy sauce, and maple syrup. Slice ribs apart, leaving an even amount of meat on each side of the bone. Place them into the slow cooker so that they are covered by the sauce. If there is not enough sauce, you may add a little water or beef broth to compensate. 2. Cover, and cook on High for 5 hours, or until the meat falls easily from the bones.




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