Lewes candidate thanks supporters

May 16, 2014

I want to say thank you to all those who supported me in the Lewes City Council election. I lost the election, but gained new friends and learned great lessons.

Congratulations to Bonnie Osler and Rob Morgan on their victories. I’m confident our new council will work well with our new mayor and continue the Lewes tradition of community service. I have no regrets.

I owe particular thanks to Barbara Vaughan, Nadine Wick and Carolyn Quinn for taking me in hand and pushing me when I needed to be pushed. Thanks also to John Mateyko for being so generous with his thoughts. We don’t agree on everything, but we share a passion for the city. And thank you to Marti D’Erasmo for challenging my opinions with a steady, clear-eyed honesty.

Thank you as well to those who wrote letters and hosted my few campaign signs. And thanks to all those whose doors I knocked on for sharing their thoughts, concerns and questions. Thank you to all who voted, now matter for whom. Voting is our most important right.

I look forward to continuing to serve the city on the planning commission.

Mike Mahaffie
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