June 5, 2014

You bet!  A cup of strawberries is 8.3% protein. Mix strawberries with peaches and get 9.3% more protein!  Served on top of whipped frozen banana delight, add another 4.9% protein.  Surprised?  Plants are an excellent source of protein for people of all ages.  So before dessert, enjoy a bean burger, a baked potato topped with salsa, and a fresh green salad.  You’ll get all the protein you need for optimum health while avoiding the saturated fat, toxins, and hormones found in all animal products.

When I learned that I could reverse my heart disease by eliminating all animal protein and eating a diet of whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruit, I said to myself, “I can do this.”  When I learned that no animal need suffer for me to get all the protein I need for good health, I said to myself, “I want to do this.”  When I learned that our demand for meat, dairy, eggs and fish is contributing more to global climate change than any other cause, I say to everyone, “Please join me in doing this!”

Resources for optimum personal and global health:

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