Flying Flynn wins Firecracker 5K in 15:02

Four hundred runners race the streets of Rehoboth
Andrew Weir, 14 years old from Great Valley, Pa., is first around the bend at the Firecracker 5K. BY DAVE FREDERICK
July 8, 2014

Brian Flynn, 31, a Lynchburg College graduate, came flying down Henlopen Avenue in Rehoboth toward the finish chute at the July 5 Firecracker 5K like he was being chased by flesh-eating greenheads.  Flynn clocked himself at 4:50 for the last mile (ridiculously fast) on the way to a 15:02 5K. Chris Walizer, 25, of Arlington, Va., was second in 15:44.

“I haven’t been doing speed training, getting ready for a fall marathon, probably Chicago or Grand Mom’s in Minnesota," Flynn said.  "I’m a little surprised  I was able to run that fast.”

Flynn has run a two-hour-and-22-minute marathon, so maybe the Striders can invite him back to run the Rehoboth Marathon as a cool-down run.

Cindy Conant, 53, from Kensington, Md., and Rehoboth won the women’s race in 19:30. Cindy has been running for 20 years and throws in terms like "track workout" and "tempo runs" and "easy 10 miles on the road." With that regimen, her sub-20 times in road races make sense.

“I am running faster now at 53 then I ever did before at all the distances," Cindy said. “I don’t know why that is.”

Conant, with no body fat to pinch, was asked if she was fastidious about her diet and paid close attention to nutrition.

“I’m afraid I don’t I have a really sweet tooth, and I eat more than anyone in my family,” she said.

The Clydesdales Division of the race was won by Bryan Bowles, 43, of Rehoboth in a time of 22:11. Clydesdales - there were 18 men in the category - all looked too fit to be called fat - perhaps a Water Buffalo division should be started.

Laura Marvin, 28, from Laurel was the winner of the Fillies race in 25:16.

The next Seashore Striders race, The Run for the Ribbon 5K, is Saturday, July 19, followed by the YMCA 5-Mile Run Sunday, July 20.