Milton residents focus on town center

Nearly 50 attend comprehensive development plan meeting
July 24, 2014

Milton residents say they want to attract more people into town, offering varied suggestions from new hotels and building a public dock to establishing better Broadkill River flood plain maps and a townwide Wi-Fi system.

About 50 people gathered July 19 to discuss ideas for the future of the town center as Milton develops a new comprehensive development plan to replace a 2009 effort.

“The last plan was done fairly quickly and didn't end up producing a vision the town shared,” said commission Chairman Barry Goodinson.

Split into groups, residents discussed four topics: the Broadkill River, businesses and amenities, town center boundaries and connectivity.

“We just want everybody to feel like they have a voice,” Goodinson said.

Residents said it's important to define the boundaries of the flood plain and whether buildings should be built close to the water. Public dock space along the river and kayak river tours were suggested.

Residents also favored expanding Oktoberfest from Dogfish Head Brewery to downtown Milton and attracting hotels to bring more people to the town.

“We’re the perfect alternative to Lewes, Rehoboth and communities that have to suffer Route 1 madness,” said 59-year-old resident Jeff Dailey. “We are a beautiful, unique town.”

Residents also urged developing a townwide Wi-Fi network in parks so people could access the internet without having to leave the park or town.

“Keep them there,” said Richard Miller.

Miller said he isn't much for social media, but if the Wi-Fi network keeps people in the town, he's all for a townwide system.

Goodinson said the Planning and Zoning Commission plans to hold 14 more meetings continuing through November to give residents opportunities to develop the new comprehensive development plan.

The commission will hold another comprehensive development plan meeting for residents at 6:30 p.m. Monday, July 28, at the Milton Fire Department fire house.