Cape senior center situation saddening

August 7, 2014

I am truly saddened by the situation at Cape Henlopen Senior Center. In the mid-’60s, my father having just retired, my parents moved to Rehoboth Beach. This was at the time the government was setting up senior centers. A friend suggested that my Dad interview for the job of director. He did and was the director for the first 10 years, then again retired. Juanita Morch was hired to replace him as director, and he headed the building of the center on Christian Street where it is today. He continued to be involved in the center whenever he could help until the day he died.

Today the center has become the victim of several people who do not follow the by-laws and seem to have their own agenda. I have had no problems in my dealings with Leslie, but I know others have. Linda Bonville has been there for 30-some years, and Bernita Hackney 20-some years. They are a large part of the center; they are the ones who know how things need to be done and really what the center is all about. They have been dealing with seniors all this time, and know and understand them. The new director should really take advantage of that, not fight it.

There is also a question in my mind about the hiring of the new director. The by-laws state that the director be approved by a majority of the board, not the executive board. I know three members of the board who knew nothing about who was chosen. They had not been to a board meeting where it was discussed or voted on.

I will admit that I was disappointed that my daughter, whom I felt was quite qualified for the job, was not even considered. She has grown up knowing the center and has an education and work background that fits the job. However, that has nothing to do with the present situation. I just want the center to stay in existence and continue to be the help the people in our area need to enjoy their senior years. That certainly includes keeping Linda and Bernita there for all of us. We need to keep the CHSC a place people feel comfortable coming to for both enjoyment and whatever help they need.

Peggy Zieber Locke

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