The buzz on Paradise Grill on Long Neck

Al Tortella at the Paradise Grill. BY DENNIS FORNEY
August 4, 2014

A few of us took a Wednesday evening drive last week to the Paradise Grill.  I've been hearing a lot of buzz about Paradise over the past couple of months and wanted to see what it was all about.

We cruised the back roads from Lewes to Long Neck, followed the signs into Pot Nets Bayside, and came to a bustling scene overlooking Indian River Bay.  It was an Oz-like experience. Dramatic. Lots of open-air pavilions, palm trees to lend a tropical feel, island music, people buzzing around in golf carts, lots of different terraces where people were eating and drinking, breezes off the bay and boats coming and going.

Families were playing corn hole, children were dancing informally on the stage. It was a good scene. We took a table close enough to the water to hear the waves lapping and looked upriver to homes at The Peninsula.

Al Tortella, the creative energy behind Paradise Grill, made his rounds greeting all of his guests.  He told us he's getting ready for the annual Flounder Pounder flounder tournament.

While we talked, lots of people strolled by on the boardwalk, licking ice cream cones, taking pictures, enjoying the summer evening. Paradise Grill was hosting an ice cream cone special that evening and people of all ages were taking advantage of the treats.

Al and his staff have it all going at Paradise Grill. I understand the buzz.