‘Bring me the broomstick of the Wicked Witch." at Unity

August 19, 2019

Story Location:
98 Rudder Road
Suite 1-A
Millsboro  Delaware  19966
United States

" A simple task - Bring me the broomstick of the Wicked Witch."
A simple task??!!!!!?? How could THAT be simple? This "Wizard" may not be so wonderful after all.

What is his game after all? Maybe to wear them down? Maybe to bully them even more - and does that make him any more 'wonderful'?

This week we look at a few more interesting things that become evident when you look at this story from different views. Joey Greene's book, "The Zen of Oz" has given us a look from a Zen and a Buddhist outlook. And I've thrown in some metaphysics too

I bet you never thought 'The Wizard of Oz" could be so 'adult!'.

Please join us at 10 AM on Sunday as we continue our series celebrating 50 years of “The Wizard of Oz”. We are located at 98 Rudder Road, Suite 1-A, Millsboro by your cars GPS. Just off Long Neck Road in Long Neck across from Bona Pizza and in front of Sea Esta Motel. 

We are open and empowering to all. Give us a look if you are searching for a Spiritual Center.

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